Growing Sweet Charlie Strawberries

sweet Charlie is a popular strawberry plant cultivar. Its reputation with industrial growers within the milder temperate developing regions of Florida and California is due to its capacity to produce a completely early strawberry harvest. Commercial growers strawberry farmers consult with candy Charlie as a brief-day, June-bearing strawberry kind, and they could regularly convey their harvest to marketplace through March while it is planted.

however, this form of strawberries isn’t always best a preferred range for the strawberry enterprise. home gardeners have sought out this variety since it turned into available in the early Nineties. it’s miles one of the first rate selections for small-scale growers or domestic gardeners as properly.

So, what makes sweet Charlie a very good preference for the little guy?

First, people develop strawberries for the great flavor, commonly. because the name implies, this variety is actually delicious. It has an awesome strawberry taste and a excessive sugar content. The berries themselves are deep purple and as attractive to the eyes as they’re to the taste buds.

2d, the flowers are vigorous and feature a highly properly resistance to numerous not unusual diseases. they are immune to powdery mold, -noticed spider mites, and several versions of crown rot and fruit rot, in particular the kind caused by anthracnose. while they are susceptible to leaf blight, their power and resistance profile lead them to an excellent domestic lawn strawberry.

third, they’re no greater tough to develop than different, much less tasty types. Strawberries prefer slightly acidic soil (a pH between five.five and 6.5 is commonly best) that is well drained and a sandy loam. Water is also wanted on a ordinary foundation, so extra watering is required if rainfall isn’t always adequate.

If planted in full solar with excellent dust and a few soft loving care, developing sweet Charlie strawberry flowers will result in a tasty harvest of plump.


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