Painting an Ice Cream Truck: The Do’s and the Don’ts

Q: Why is owning an ice cream truck vending business enterprise like owning a modeling employer?

A: because seems be counted for loads.

there’s not anything that is going to lose you greater customers in less time than a truck lettering which has a paint activity which makes it look sketchy, trashy or simply simple uninteresting. So i have created a listing of five do’s and five don’ts you have to be privy to whilst making the essential decision approximately how to paint your truck:


DO use bright colorings which make your truck standout – in any case you want to be noticed!
DO use your writing and text that allows you to market it you by using drawing the eye and that is attractive to both kids and adults.
DO hold your design simple – do not bombard your customers with distracting colours and pix.
DO move for a retro design. for plenty people, ice cream vans conjure up precious memories from their adolescents so you can by no means be too
DO you recognize your customer! positive designs will paintings better in special places and with human beings from one of a kind backgrounds and income brackets. An ice cream truck promoting along Venice beach is going to have a completely different appearance and sense than a truck promoting in downtown manhattan!

do not use brown, gray or other colors which make you appear to mixture into the historical past or worse, seem dull.
don’t overdo it with decals and decorations. Doing an excessive amount of visually can be almost as terrible as doing too little.
don’t use coloration schemes which can be associated with drugs or other unlawful hobby. a few ice cream companies have given the industry a horrific name through dealing greater than ice cream from their trucks!
don’t place decals and other signage too high or too low. make certain that each one writing may be seen by means of both kids and adults.
DON”T damage your exquisite design through forgetting that a window may also should cross in the center of it! make certain that you recollect the practicalities of your vehicle and make a caricature before you begin painting.
on the give up of the day the layout of your ice cream truck might be a first-rate factor in how humans view your commercial enterprise. when in doubt keep it easy, it’s miles better to have a nicely completed easy layout then seeking to get fancying and having an beginner paint job. the easiest things to do also are the best, upload some colour in your bumpers, wheels, mirrors, and your rooftop speaker. clients will notice the little such things as choppy paint, uncentered decals and lettering or crooked traces so ensure the whole thing is accomplished proper, especially on the aspect of your truck that has the serving window.

And keep in mind, just due to the fact you painted your truck would not imply you can forget about it; make sure you spray it down with water each few days and each time it rains, because the dust the accumulates to your roof will bleed down onto the sides of your truck


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